Personal Boutique

Personal Boutique Concept – Shopping by Appointment 

Your hours, Your Terms. Mavy Savvy Personal Boutique is a unique personal shopping experience designed just for you! 



Shopping by appointment is the best way to go shopping without worries. The boutique opens just for you or your friends*, and you can shop and have a unique experience at the same time**. No more chasing for a parking lot spot, no more huge lines to check out.  Mavy Savvy Personal Boutique is the best way to shop in Miami and you don’t pay more for that!


Our Personal Boutique, localized in Miami, FL (next to International Mall and Dolphin Mall), is a new Personalized Shopping Experience, which offers an intimate shopping service customized to meet each customer's unique shopping needs. 


Take a look at some clients testimonies:

" What can I say? For a guy that doesn't know anything about women clothes this is the place.  My wife is the most beautiful woman and most fashion on this planet! And guess what?  She loved it! I recommended!" -Camilo Rodrigues

" Great place to shop! Great prices. I love the personal boutique experience and their selection on the latest trends. I totally recommend!!!"  Rebeca Ramia

" Great place to shop .. Totally recommended ! The service is outstanding . I will definitely come back for more ."  Catalina R.

Make your appointment*** here:


Mavy Savvy Trend Store - Your Premium Fast-Fashion

8249 NW 36th St Suite 114 - Doral, FL, 33166

Phone/Whatsapp : 305 924- 5946


* Maximum of 4 people per appointment. For a group appointment, please, schedule 2 hours minimum .

**Appointment duration: 1 hour. If you need more time, please let us know.

***It’s FREE to schedule an appointment. You won’t be charge for extra hours.